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Luxury French Style Bathroom Interior

French style interior is most often found in the design of living rooms or, in extreme cases, bedrooms. But if you have a rather spacious bathroom, then why not decorate it in such a luxurious, elegant and noble style? Of course, we will show you how to do this better and show you wonderful examples – interior photos.
French style bathroom
Here you can afford, if not everything, then a lot: expensive finishes, elegant plumbing, large mirrors and even a chandelier. The main thing is that there is enough space for all this. Ideally, the bathroom should have a window and enough light. In such circumstances, the French style can reveal in all its beauty, even if it is a bathroom. Like any classic in the interior, the classic French style will not tolerate economy and implausible fakes.
Mixing styles
This style is quite easy to combine with other areas. Thus, it is possible to create a completely unique bathroom interior with a special character. So, for example, having introduced notes of modern in the classical design (in the form of furniture from expensive plastic or, say, an original chandelier), then the design of the room will become more modern.
If, on the contrary, to focus on artificially or naturally aged things, then you can go to Chebbi-chic or what is called French Country abroad, that is, French country or as we call it – Provence. In a word, through experiments one can reach an absolutely unexpected and interesting option.
Color spectrum
French interior style involves the use of gentle, pastel colors. The classics of the genre are ayvor, champagne, cream, sand, light gray, ivory. But if you are not afraid to move away from the traditional scenario, then you can decorate your French bathroom in brighter (but still pastel) or dark colors (if the lighting script allows).
Wall, ceiling and floor decoration
This is where the luxury itself should be. Although, and ostentatiously you can afford. First of all, it is important to use natural materials. If possible, the walls and the floor can be revetted with a stone or its good-quality imitation. Granite and marble look great here. If there is no such possibility, then one-color ceramic tile will do. To achieve the maximum “wow effect”, wall the walls with boiserie panels (you can read about this in another interesting article). Also suitable textured plaster or paint that is not afraid of moisture. As for the ceiling, it can be decorated with stucco – it will be very appropriate and beautiful.
Plumbing and furniture
Acrylic corner bath here will look like a foreign body – you need a classic model with legs, preferably beautiful ones. Of course, you can go “against the system” and choose something more modern, but this is a kind of risk. In general, the plumbing in such a bathroom should be not just equipment, but a complete addition to the interior: a beautiful sink (it can be made of stone), a toilet from the same collection, and a bidet nearby. We recommend to pay attention even to such trifles as mixers and taps. If they match the design (made in vintage style from noble metal, such as bronze, copper or brass), they will become a real highlight of the interior, and not just a functional necessity.
Furniture in this case should be chosen as in any other room: not limited to the standard headset, but pay attention to each item. There will be relevant furniture with carved facades and designer furniture, rather than ordinary handles. You can afford the luxury of a cupboard with glazed doors and / or a shiny metal bookcase for storing towels.
The pearl of the French-style bathroom decoration, of course, should be a chandelier. In a typical bathroom such is rare, but here – a prerequisite. Also focus can be on the mirror. It must certainly be large and framed in a luxurious frame. You might even want to put a floor mirror – it will be just a stunning effect! Also, do not be afraid to decorate the walls with paintings – here it is permissible and appropriate.