Hotel room interior: why hotel guests prefer light colors
If you travel a lot and often, you probably noticed that during the registration of rooms, hotel owners prefer natural light colors, or even just white color. This is hardly…

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Features of modern interior
The modern style of the interior is very variable and practical. It is based, of course, on the requirements of modern man and the possibilities of the latest developments in…

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Interior Ideas: Autumn Updates

May we still not squeeze in the warm rays of the September sun, dampness, coolness and the first frosts will not take long to wait. Therefore, we have already collected for you simple, but relevant ideas for the interior, saving from the autumn blues and warming the soul. So, if you intend to update the design of your home, according to the season, we recommend the following …
Add textures
If in the summer heat you want lightness, smoothness and cool gloss, then with the arrival of autumn you can safely enter into the interior design pronounced textures, relying on them, and not on color. In principle, even a plain interior can look nontrivial and interesting thanks to textures. The easiest way to bring them through textiles. Well, and then: you must agree, it is pleasant to watch the Game of Thrones or another favorite series, wrapped in a fluffy or knitted blanket, which by its mere presence makes the room more comfortable.
Time for bold experiments
Again, in the summer with experiments in the interior decor, you can go too far, as if with a too-sweet perfume at +30. In the autumn you can afford the most daring ideas for the interior. And we recommend to bet on eclecticism! Try to make jewelry and accessories of different styles, creating an absolutely exclusive composition.
Handmade things
Now handmade in interior design is a special trend. In the autumn, hand-made trinkets and decorations will warm the soul. It doesn’t matter if it is a dream catcher, a macrame on the wall or an original cup – the main thing is that you really like this thing. Also, experts advise this fall to use in the decor all lovely heart photos and souvenirs. But, of course, everything should be in moderation.
Create your mood, set the atmosphere of the room with an inspiration board! Become a real designer, not only interior, but also your dreams. Even if you have chosen minimalism as a way of life, a mindboard will definitely not hurt you. Collect on them everything that makes you think about the good and let no weather outside the window spoil the mood.
Warm light
Yes, with the arrival of autumn, you can safely twist the lamps of a warm glow into the lamps – this will brighten up a little the lack of sun. Also, if you do not consider it necessary to wait for the New Year, you can buy garlands and decorate your bedroom with them. Naturally, garlands with white or not too multi-colored light bulbs are recommended. Otherwise, the feeling of premature Christmas holidays will indeed be created. If the garland is too much for you, it is enough to buy candles and let this autumn be the warmest and most romantic!

Which interior is better: dark or light?
... On this topic, you can carry on endless disputes, but everything always depends on situational circumstances and your perception. Anyway, today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages…


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