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Eco-friendly interior: the house in which the soul rests
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Cafe interior: fashion trends

In the interior of a cafe, diner or coffee house everything should be designed for the comfort and aesthetic pleasure of the visitor. From how successful the establishment of the establishment will largely depend on its profitability and, accordingly, the owner’s income.
Of course, cozy blankets for a summer playground, candles in high can-lit candlesticks and garden furniture made of artificial rattan have long ago become almost obligatory attributes of a cafe. Let’s consider what design techniques in the interior design of a cafe can be called the most fashionable today. In other words, what do people like?
Window rack
This is not only spectacular, but also sensible in terms of ergonomics, a solution. By installing a stand-by-window by the window, you will not only give your visitors the opportunity to enjoy the cityscape, but also save a lot of free space. In addition, the people who are located behind this counter will serve as a live advertisement for the place: it will be immediately obvious that your cafe is full of satisfied customers.
Lettering in the interior of the cafe
Just yesterday, we talked about what lettering is and how to apply it in residential interior design. However, as an art, lettering originated in catering establishments, and this technique is still very popular. A menu written in chalk on a wall or the aesthetically decorated name of the establishment in the whole wall can serve as an excellent interior decor.
White cafe interior
Abroad, in particular in the USA, England, Sweden and Germany, it is white that often prevails in the interior design of cafes. And this is not surprising, because today white interiors are generally at the peak of popularity, and such a technique allows you to make any room visually more spacious. So, the white interior will be the ideal solution for a small cafe or diner.
Wood, metal, brick
Loft style today is one of the absolute favorites, as well as industrial. Materials such as wood, metal and brick in the design of catering establishments practically guarantee its success, especially among young people. With the right approach and proper lighting, the urbanistic mood of the industrial style can be mitigated with a touch of home comfort, as was done, for example, by the owners of the cafe presented in the photo.
Lamps as the main element of the decor
Very often, in the decoration of modern cafes and eateries, the emphasis is on lamps. Not everyone can notice a picture or image on the wall, but everyone will see the lamp above the counter or at the table. Fortunately, today the design of lighting can be very diverse.
Books in the interior of the cafe
This decision is also doomed to success immediately for two reasons. The first is that the interior with bookshelves, cabinets and / or racks will be a priori cozy. Even if you use them solely as a decor. And the second reason is the opportunity for each visitor to find on the shelf something interesting for themselves and have a good time even sitting alone.
In the spirit of the classic pub
The style of an English or Irish pub has been produced for centuries. Therefore, if you take a classic pub as a model for decorating your own cafe, you will definitely not lose!