Scandinavian minimalism in the interior of the kitchen
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The interior in the style of minimalism

If you are among the people whose life is rational to asceticism and debugged, like the mechanism of Swiss watches, then you are just a living embodiment of the minimalist style. This laconic style will simply become the embodiment of the dreams of those people who are opposed to non-functional “jewelry.”
Artificial light having a different radiation spectrum will help to make functional interiors in the spirit of minimalism bright and memorable. Illumination of various interior elements (for example, shelf shelves, ceilings in the living room, in the kitchen and in the bedroom) enhances the effect of comfort and practicality.
Layout in the style of minimalism
The layout of the apartment in the spirit of minimalism is extremely rational. In this interior, the recreation areas are completely isolated from the entertainment and social zone. Circles and bends of various interior elements, of course, complicate the space, but despite the rigor and conciseness, the apartment will seem cozy and festive.
The main thing in the interior design in the style of minimalism is to avoid excessive “severity”. This will help make a thoughtful selection of finishing materials and furniture, besides, it will also allow you to do without unnecessary material costs. The minimalist style does not dictate strict quality requirements for the materials used.
Materials for the interior in the style of minimalism
If the classic style is simply unthinkable without the use of natural materials, then minimalism may well be limited, for example, with a floorboard that imitates piece parquet, which also looks very impressive like the original. Milky white (in the living room and in the kitchen) and beige (in the bedroom and children’s) walls are well combined with the light wood. To make the interior of the bedroom warmer, to revive it, without resorting to using paintings or posters, you can trim the niche with cork. The same technique can be used in the design of other parts of the apartment, for example, a bathroom. The bathroom space, floor-to-ceiling tiled with monophonic tiles, will visually expand and fill with light thanks to narrow horizontal mirrors. This technique, as a result of which the bathroom will be filled with a variety of reflections and the play of numerous lamps in the depth of the mirrors, will give expressiveness to a strictly functional room.
In the nursery, bedroom and hallway appropriate to mount spacious built-in wardrobes, which will limit the minimum set of furniture. Proponents of minimalism believe that the house should be only the most necessary, but always expensive and stylish things; even the furnishings of children’s rooms, which they usually try to save on, from their point of view should be of very high quality.
Furniture in the style of minimalism
Furniture in the style of minimalism is characterized by severity of forms and thorough finishing. The interiors, made in this style, are distinguished by an abundance of glass and silver metal (the doors of the wall cabinets, a table and chairs in the kitchen, a coffee table and a lamp in the living room), and the objects by verified simplicity of the lines. To visually push the boundaries of kitchen space, you can use furniture to match the walls. At the same time, the lower cabinets should be dark in color. Standing out on the general light background, they will contribute to the visual expansion of space.
The interior in the style of minimalism will look comfortable thanks to the use of saturated colors – slate gray and chocolate. The neglect of minimalism to bright saturated colors is to some extent justified. After all, an abundance of bright colors, frilly decor and small details with
time can get bored and even become annoying. In addition, fashion is changing, and the bright, popular elements today after a year or two may seem ridiculous. And elegant aristocratic rigor will not get bored and will not lose relevance.